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young christian students/young students movement

YCS/YSM provides a platform for the students to come together in small groups of 8 to 10 to share their feelings, problems, aspirations and anxieties (of the School, neighborhood and the society). Following the methodology awareness, reflection and action, the movement becomes life oriented, action oriented and growth oriented. This purely CELL based movement focuses on self, other and God.

History of YCS/YSM
The history of YCS/YSM is linked to the life and vision of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, a pioneer of Catholic Social Action and Lay apostolate in the church. Cardijn was a strong believer that Human Beings are created in the image of God, to live in Dignity. He promoted and organized peoples' movement using the pedagogy of See Judge Act, to change this contradiction. Cardijn initially started Young Christian Workers (YCW) Movement in 1920's, but later, students inspired by its impact, accepting the suggestion of Pope Pius XI initiated the Young Christian Students (YCS).

The Indian Movement is of recent origin. In the 1950's some student groups in India were existing and were attempting to build up their objectives. Our first contact YCS was through the visit of an YCS leader from Germany in1961. This was followed by a visit of extension worker from Sri Lanka. Through the help of Miss Betty Kin& YCW extension worker from Australia, YCS units were formed, in some of the schools in Madras city in 1962.

Later Sr. Jeanne Devos ICM inspired the student groups of Madras and Bangalore to communicate with each other and to share their experiences in the movement. Thus the first study session held at Madras on 16th January 1966 was attended by students of the two cities. The then IYCS Chaplain Fr. Louis Sena and an Asian extension worker were also present. In 1968 some guidelines for the movement in India were outlined by students' representatives that gathered in Madras. In 1968 YCS was officially recognized by the CBCI, Sr. Jeanne was appointed the First National Chaplain. In 1970 students of other Faiths joined the movement incorporating the YSM element and in the same year YCS/YSM was affiliated to the YCS International.

The year 1987 marks the beginning of YCS/YSM in North East Region, although there were a few cells functioning in Shillong. Since then it was initiated into a number of Schools. At present, YCS/YSM has spread to all the 15 dioceses of North East India with collaboration of YCS/YSM regional office, Guwahati (NERYC) and the Youth directors of different dioceses.

Structure of the movement:
Cell : President/Secretary/Treasure/Animator
Unit : Unit leaders and animators (each School)
Diocese : DTA/DT'S (Diocesan Team)
National : NTA/EXCO National Team (Chennai)
Region : RTA/RTS (REXCO) 11 regions.
Asian : Asian Team (Manila)
IYCS : International (Paris)

a. YCS/YSM IS A MOVEMENT: Signifying a dynamic presence in history, constantly questioning how we respond to the real challenges of the time, giving students an opportunity to challenge their own values and helping them to discover all possible e ways of changing themselves and the situation.
b. YCS/YSM IS A STUDENT MOVEMENT: This is a Movement by the students and for the students. YCS/. YSM helps students to realize their 'student vocation and responsibility' in the context of Indian society. While being in a School, students are also active members of the society and they have a special role to play in society.
c. YCS/YSM IS MOVEMENT OF INTEGRAL FORMATION: It is a movement of reflection and action. Its methodology, "Review of Life" or 'Awareness Reflection Action~ is a development of a 'conscious' action of the student; a formation through action, an action that starts from an awareness, analysis and reflection. It leads to new attitudes which enable them to transform their own lives and that of their movements in their environment.
d. YCS/YSM IS A MOVEMENT OF INVOLVEMENT AS AN EXPRESSION OF FAITIH: The spirituality of the movement is a spirituality of action and involvement which is an expression of faith. We see the need to work with everyone who contributes in the realization of love.
e. YCS/YSM 15 A CELL BASED MOVEMENT: The cell system of the movement provides an opportunity to adolescent boys and girls to belong to an intimate peer group where they, having been fully accepted by one another, confidently share their life, discover values and get the emotional support to undergo the painful process of personal change and perhaps to stand alone against the values of the world. Simultaneously the group concentrates on transformation of unjust and oppressive structures that dehumanize a section of the society. In this process organizing of people's power (people's movement) is initiated.

The movement is rooted in a spirituality of action and reflection. The spirituality of the Movement is a call to learn to live, live to grow and grow to change. It is a call to enlighten oneself and enlighten others. It is a call to promote human rights to restore human dignity thus effecting harmonious living.

AIM: . Building up a new society, God's Kingdom OBJECTIVES:
• Personality development through review of fife
• Leadership through talent exposure • Faith formation
• Better future through studies, discipline in life and partaking in social activities
• Communal or religious harmony.
• Social awareness to fight for justice and peace

"Review of life"
The Review of life proper has three phases:
1) Awareness 2) Reflection and 3) Action. Evaluation of the action undertaken is the logical follow up.

1) Awareness (See)

* Fact An event in life... a situation... an incident... * Choose one fact * Which needs immediate attention * Which frequently happens * Which calls for greater involvement
Deepening the fact
What happens? When? How? Where? Who are involved? What are the causes and consequences? Who favours and who opposes the event? Why? Any other similar events .... ?

2) Reflection
* What are the values involved in it?
* What values would have changed the situation?
* Does your religion promote or discourage these values? How?
* If you were involved in it what would be your reaction as YCS member? (Attitudinal change)
* What would be your decision for self change? (Action)
3) Action (Act)
* What is your decision (Personal Transformation?)
* What is your group's decision to make it known to others to change them?
* What would be your action plan (activity)
Two areas of evaluation are meant here: the proposed action and the overall growth of the student.
* It is a setting where educational/ religious proposals become personalized.
* It is a place for expression and responsibility.
* It is a place to prepare an action plan.
* It is a place of commitment and an opportunity for interpersonal communications.

• Students related issues or frequent happenings.
How to conduct Cell Meetings:
• Start the meeting with a group technique/short prayer
• Minutes of the previous meeting
• Agenda for the Meeting (President or the Animator announces the topics which was decided during the previous meeting.
• Analysis of the Problem/Finding…….Awareness and Reflection
• Action Plan
• Agenda for the next meeting
• Close the Meeting with a short Prayer.

As a member of YCS/YSM
* I believe in a living and loving God who is present and active in every event of my life. I am the image and likeness of God so also every human person.
* I promise to respect all the members of the Movement and work for equality in the Movement.
* I promise to respect my parents, elders and animators, ready to take their guidance and work with them.
* I promise to accept the aim and objectives of my Movement and always strive to achieve those values of equality, love justice and peace propagated by the Movement. I accept the spirituality of the Movement, as one of God experience, restoration of human dignity, respect and dialogue with other religious and spirituality of action.
* I accept the Review of life, methodology of the Movement and try to practice it as a process of growth for me in finding my role in the society.
* I accept the idea of leadership through service and do my best in search and struggle to achieve our Goal 'A better society'. I promise to do my best to contribute my reflection and service for the growth of the Movement which I accept, will shape my life and responsibility in the society.
* I promise to accept the welfare of the Movement and my neighbour as the prime concern and do not to indulge in partiality or anything that goes against the ideals of the Movement. I promise to do everything possible to ensure National Integration, Harmoniuos living, Environmental Protection and Dignity to every human being.
* I will not discriminate people, the spark of the divine, on the basis of caste, creed, language, religion and gender socio economic backgrounds. I will not give or take bribe or indulge in mal practices of any sort. I will be voice to the voiceless.
* I will join hands with people and Movements who are promoting Human Rights and dignity, justice, peace and equality. I promise to be sincere, truthful, honest, open, frank, hardworking, committed and dedicated.
* I take this pledge fully knowing my responsibility; asking strength from God the loving father, and requesting the support and encouragement of my animators and companions. I offer this option and pledge in solidarity with all the members and animators in the Movement for the cause of "a better society".
All human beings have been created in the image and likeness of God, equal in dignity. When this dignity is trampled upon, it is an offence to the Creator. All people are responsible in enhancing and protecting this dignity. Motivated by our Prophetic Spirituality and with the Review of life (See judge Act / Awareness Reflection Action) as our way of life, students are transformed and empowered to go beyond self in solidarity with the struggles of the weak and marginalized. Through inter personal relationship with the whole of humanity and with love at the heart of every action, the YCS/YSM enables human persons to become a family, a community after the heart of the Creator whose compassion, care and justice are its pulse. An alternative community is within our reach when we put our faith in human goodness, which is inspired by God.

Heavenly Father, in your infinite wisdom and love, you created us and chose us to be members of the YCS/YSM You have blessed us Indians with Multiple languages, religions and cultures. Give us the wisdom to appreciate this diversity. Through the 'Review of life' YCS/YSM teaches us to avoid selfishness, discrimination and hate and urges us to live in a 'we spirit' which builds cooperation, collaboration and solidarity. Grant us the strength to work for true justice and freedom and to be of service to others thus building a 'Better Society' where all people live with a dignity befitting your children. Amen
1. Aizawl : 17
2. AGARTALA : 10
3. Bongaigaon : 12
4. DIPHU : 24
6. Guwahati : 12
7. ITANAGAR : 02
8. IMPHAl : 02
9. JOWAI : 06
10. KOHIMA : 02
11. MIAO : 06
12. Nongstoin : 11
13. SHILLONG : 26
14. TEZPUR : 02
15. TURA : 09


YCS/YSM ANTHEM Let YCS light shine Let your light shine, bright and clear For all the world to see True to our motto, build a just society-2 In peace and equity, freedom and love, National integrity-2 See, Judge and Act, our review of life-2 Human dignity, Reign in our land and the world. .

Sr.Bhanumati Daimari msmhc
YCS/YSM Regional Chaplain
Peace centre G.N.B Road, Ambari
YCS/YSM Resional Team
1. Convener:Ms. Johnny Thongni
2. Secretary: Ms. Stefiny Kharbikhiew
3. Treasurer : Ms. Grace Laldingngheti